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About Mainstay Trust Ltd

Mainstay Trust Ltd were first introduced to Glasgow as a support provider for people with learning disabilities in 1985, with the main focus of the service being toward enabling individuals living at Lennox Castle to move into small Residential Services within pleasant residential areas in the city.  We opened 2 residential services in the city, Daniel House and Providence House and for many years these were the only services provided.

Developments within the field of Learning Disability in 2000, most particularly the closure of long stay hospitals like Lennox Castle and the introduction of the Scottish Governments ‘The Same as You’ guidance gave an opportunity to expand and extend the services provided by Mainstay.  In this year we introduced 2 new service delivery options for people, these were our Supported Accommodation Service and Community Service.  We also started to support people who may not have a learning disability but did have a physical disability and for that reason would at times in their life need some support in their day.

As an organisation we are committed to supporting and enabling the people we work with to have the best possible day they can have.  We work closely with the individual themselves and anyone else who has a keen interest in that persons life to create an outcome focused plan for the year ahead, which is realistic and achievable – but also flexible enough that it can change if required. 

Over the years of working with people it is very clear to us that no 2 people want to do exactly the same thing so for that reason we tailor each person's support to their individual wishes we work really hard to plan each day with a person so that they are doing the things they want to do and achieving their own goals – not anyone else’s!

We have introduced a range of specific activities that people might be interested in participating in each day and for longer periods of time.  Our Group Activities are very popular and we have seen demand for these grow over recent times.  We are very fortunate to have support from Moving Horizons Trust who have enabled us to offer the people we support a short break in our static caravan which is located at Sundrum Castle Park , Ayr.  In addition we have a community house located on London Road in the East End of Glasgow that offers a great meeting place with facilities which meet the needs of the people we support every day.

We have an excellent understanding of the funding options available to people enabling them to purchase services and can support people to manage these funds effectively, ensuring they get the best value for the money they have to purchase services.

Hopefully, you will find out a lot more about our organisation by reading more on our website – but if you would just like to have a chat about what we do and what you would like to do please don’t hesitate to give us a call (details on our Contact Us page) we will be happy to help.