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Computer Group

Computers, social networking and online resource use are a part of modern life for many people. The Computer Group helps service users explore computers and the internet in a supervised environment where they feel comfortable.

Service users enjoy using the time to look at YouTube videos and music videos and watching films and television programmes online. They can also use to time to search for information on favourite topics, learning to use links to other internet pages to find out more about the subject. Service users can also access CKUK; a social network site similar to Facebook specifically for adults who are differently-abled to, under the full supervision of their support workers and the Computing Group co-ordinator, connect with friends online. If online activities don’t appeal then service users can use the time to make cards or print photographs using the Publishing package, or write something in the Word Processing package. All of these activities are assisted to the level that is appropriate for the individual. If a service user prefers to work independently there is always someone on hand to assist should any problems arise.