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The Mainstay Art Group assists service users with an interest in being creative to work together, engaging them in group and one-to-one activities. The group encourages the service users to socialise with other service users and their support workers, and to learn new skills in a fun and relaxed environment under qualified supervision.

Service users have enthusiastically participated in groups to create a variety of art based projects. Particularly popular activities with the group so far have included holiday themed projects and Easter, Halloween, Christmas and various ethnic celebration days have all received the special Mainstay Art Group touch. Mainstay’s Art Group and Cooking Group collaborated in Christmas 2012 to decorate Mainstay head office’s spectacular 8 foot Christmas tree. This was adorned with beautiful decorations that were all hand made in a joint project between the Art Group and the Cooking Group. The Cooking Group made and baked salt dough decorations whilst the Art Group hand-painted the finished decorations. Service users also have the opportunity to take their finished masterpieces from their time at the Art Group home to friends or family, to give them an idea of what they have achieved with the support and input of the group.