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Support to Go Out

We support just over 100 people every day to get out of the house to do things they enjoy.  This can range from going to the shops to get the groceries for the week, going to the cinema, meeting up with friends and doing activities together all the way to getting away from it all and going on holiday.

We can offer a range of group activities that are organised by us and supported by our staff this gives people the opportunity to meet up with friends socially and to learn new skills or just enjoy doing activities with other people.

We also offer the option of planning with you to do things that you like to do just on your own.  You might like to have just staff and your time where you organise what you want to do without having to think about other people and what their plans are.

Everyone enjoys a break away from every day routines and we are able to support you with a range of short break opportunities depending on what you would like to do.  We have supported people to get away for the night, weekend and for the week, sometimes longer if people want to go abroad. 

The important thing for us when you are getting out and about is that you are doing things that you want to do and that you have staff with you who are enjoying them with you so that you have the best day possible.