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Money Matters

They do say that money makes the world go round and we are very aware that for many of the people we work with it is in short supply.

We are able to offer the people we work with a range of options in terms of their support provision that takes account of the fact that people are working within a budget dictated by both the benefits they receive and the funding they have to buy a service from us.

Budget Planning

We have a good understanding of all the benefits that may be available to individuals, we can help with checking that you have the right benefits at the right level as well as helping you apply for benefits and to complete forms that may come in from the benefits office that need to be completed.

If your benefits are all fine and you are happy with them then we can support you with managing your budget, whether that is all or part of your money - you might get some help from family with your benefits and only need to manage a small amount each day.  Our staff will work with you to manage your money each day and to find activities for you to try out that are within the budget you have to spend.

If you need support specifically to manage your money and need help to make sure you pay all your bills, buy your shopping and still have some money left over to do nice things we can help with this. We have a range of budget management options which include supporting you with your own bank account and payments from it to holding In Trust accounts that we manage completely and you collect money each week for your basic expenses.  We can talk to you about all the options available to you in the course of planning your support.

Funding to Buy Support

We have a good understanding of the different options available which enable you to buy support from organisations offering support services.  We currently support people who have Independent Living Fund money, Self Directed Support via Glasgow City Council and Direct Payments from Glasgow City Council. 

In May 2011 Glasgow City Council opened up the opportunity for everyone living in Glasgow to have a more personalised service, one that the individual needing support could control themselves.  We supported a number of people to access this opportunity and now support over 40 people with their own Self Directed Support budgets.  Some of these people have chosen to manage these budgets themselves and for others we manage their budgets with them and Glasgow City Council with payments made directly to us from the local authority.

If you would like to know more about any of our budget planning supports please contact us and we can discuss the best options for you.