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Supported Accommodation Services


Mainstay provide 11 supported accommodation services with a total of 17 adults accommodated in these houses.  Two of the houses have 3 people living in them and are registered HMO services, two other houses are shared by 2 people in each and all others have 1 person living in the house themselves. 

All of these services provide support to the people living there 24hours a day 7days a week.  All have their own identified Senior Support Worker and a team of Support Workers attached to them.  Each person has their own individualised support plan.  The people supported within this service are more independent in terms of their finances as they are responsible for the full running costs of their home.

Mainstay have benefits appointee status for all of these individuals and support them with their budgeting via In Trust bank accounts and comprehensive petty cash systems with full records of all transactions recorded for each individual.  The staff teams within each of these services support the individual(s) living there to have the best day possible and this will include a range of individual activities and group activities that are enjoyed by them as well as supporting them with all of their personal care needs and managing household tasks as part of their every day living arrangements.

Regular short breaks and holidays are organised for everyone supported within this service each year with individuals fully involved in choosing their holiday destination.  Senior Support Workers have a Manager who they report to within the Senior Management Team.

This service is registered with the Care Inspectorate and required to adhere to the National Care Standards applicable to Care at Home and Housing Support Services.  Our most recent inspection reports can be found on the Care Inspectorate website or on our News page.