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Gillian BrownGillian Brown

Gillian is a partner at Morrison’s Law firm in Glasgow and is head of their award winning Private Client Team. She has over 25 years of legal experience behind her.

Her particular area of specialism is working with adults who lack capacity, their families and people living with learning and physical disabilities, as well as all aspects of caring for older people.

Representing families, charities, health organisations and professionals working in the social care sector, Gillian has developed niche services in this area providing an integrated approach to managing people’s wellbeing and financial affairs.  Gillian spearheaded the firm’s the decision to offer Legal Aid to pursue applications for financial and welfare guardianships, passionately believing in offering access to legal advice for those in already challenging and complex situations.

Most recently Gillian launched an arts initiative open to people with a learning or a physical disability which was widely received and supported by several leading Scottish artists.

Gillian sits on the firm’s Executive Management Group, contributing to the business decisions for the development, operations and growth of the firm.  In addition, she is a member of the Marketing Committee.  

Gillian is a Trustee of a number of charitable trusts and family trusts and, in particular, trusts established to provide for beneficiaries who lack capacity.  She is on the panel of approved providers for Legal Services and is often appointed financial intervener or guardian by South Lanarkshire Council. She regularly accepts that role working with other Local Authorities across Scotland.

Away from her desk, Gillian loves to watch musicals and travels to pursue her passion for whale watching.  She is also a keen runner, raising funds throughout the year for various charities.